Friday, May 29, 2009

red red wine.

so yesterday was an interesting day.
i went to maritsas school and spoke to her 3rd grade class, they are learning about australia.
they were so interested in an animal called a quokka, slightly humiliating that american 3rd graders know more about australia than i do.
i had never heard of a quokka until my little cousin asked me about them, shamefull.
but it was cutie.
then i made my aunty her belated birthday dinner, beef wellington.
it was actually really good, despite a few mess ups.
there was a bit of a disaster after dinner, invloving red wine on the laptop eek.
OH, i also went to the supermarket.
I could have bought the whole cereal isle, i don't kid.
I stocked up on cereal, poptarts and milk duds for the uk.
so healthy.
and for alexia: you can buy frozen tgi's potato skins.
hello obesity if we lived here.

in other news, that is all.
today is georgia's 6th birthday (HAPPY BIRTHDAY) and we are going to the met.
i shall update photos laterz.
bye bye

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


evening friends,
today i went back to greenwich village where i met a rapper who's name i have forgotten.
but apparently he was falling in love with me, and wanted to take me to a pj harvey concert in australia one day.
i continued on with the sex and the city theme and visited the place where miranda and steve got married, and the bakery where carrie and miranda go when she is giving up smoking for aiden.
the magnolia bakery, too much choice!
so i copied carrie and got cupcakes, i ate the red velvet one with whipped vanilla butter icing.
and the vanilla cupcake with chocolate icing is waiting for me downstairs.
it was just so delicious, mmm.
i also went back to times square to do some souvs shopping, but i don't know.
i just think, why spend 5 dollars on a key ring that you will never use?
if i see something really cool that reminds me of you, i will get you a present.
but if not, i'm sure you won't miss that crappy plastic key ring.
in other news, i leave for london on monday so that is only six more days here.
i can't believe it has almost been three weeks.
tomorrow i am going to the mall, so don't expect any photos.
and then the next day i am preparing to leave and cooking dinner for my aunty :)
then my last 3 days of excitement include the metropolitan museum, the statue of liberty and the little mermaid on broadway.
so until then,

Monday, May 25, 2009

carrie bradshaw.

hello hello,
so my gossip girl day turned into more of a sex and the city day.
consisting of 5th avenue, upper east side and bryant park.
the weather was so nice and sunny, and now i am about to make shortbread biscuits with my cousins.
now its photie time.
st patricks cathedral.
saks 5th avenue.
the most amazing valentino bag, i wanted to cry.
i don't know if it was beacause of the price tag, or the beauty of the bag.
i am not exaggerating, i was about to start hyperventilating when i walked up to the 8th floor and saw the designer shoe section.
i died and went to heaven, or hell for the moment seeing as i can not afford any of it but it is oh so incredible.
rockefeller centre.
token it really necessary to have a 5 story louis vuitton store, honestly.
i accidently came across this, i died.
remember when carrie goes to the cinema alone here.
hello the plaza.
and i also came across this by chance.
where they all go and samantha meets that guy that won't sleep with her unless the mets win.
bryant park.i got really bored on the train home.
lirr, represent.
home station, and that was my day.
tomorrow i am returning to greenwich village.
to hopefully buy some more nice things, and i am also going to do some souvs shopping in times square.
night y'all.
ex oh
pee ess.
those of you who i said i would send you postcards, don't count in it.
think of this as a postcard via the computer kayz

izzy and bijou.

so these are the puppies, they are adorable.
they are sisters, aww.
enjoy looking at them mum :)
thea matrona and izzy.
little isabella.

aren't they just such cuties.