Friday, May 29, 2009

red red wine.

so yesterday was an interesting day.
i went to maritsas school and spoke to her 3rd grade class, they are learning about australia.
they were so interested in an animal called a quokka, slightly humiliating that american 3rd graders know more about australia than i do.
i had never heard of a quokka until my little cousin asked me about them, shamefull.
but it was cutie.
then i made my aunty her belated birthday dinner, beef wellington.
it was actually really good, despite a few mess ups.
there was a bit of a disaster after dinner, invloving red wine on the laptop eek.
OH, i also went to the supermarket.
I could have bought the whole cereal isle, i don't kid.
I stocked up on cereal, poptarts and milk duds for the uk.
so healthy.
and for alexia: you can buy frozen tgi's potato skins.
hello obesity if we lived here.

in other news, that is all.
today is georgia's 6th birthday (HAPPY BIRTHDAY) and we are going to the met.
i shall update photos laterz.
bye bye


  1. And you didn't take a picture for me.
    your clearly a slut
    but anyway
    i think i have been to tgi fridays 5 times since i went with you.
    those potato skins...I DIE.
    I DIE.

  2. i did,
    but it is on my phone and i don't have the cord.
    my bad!