Sunday, May 24, 2009


goodmorning australia,
its 12:34am here in new york and we just got home from a bbq.
today my aunty and i snuck out of the house to go to MoMa (the museum of modern art).
it had nothing on the guggenheim in the way of architecture, but the exhibitions won by miles.
it was pretty crazy seeing all those artworks that i studied at school with hoffy in real life and not projected from google images onto a white board.
and i had my second celebrity sighting, hugh jackman.
i didn't realise it was him until he walked past, don't underestimate the power of a hat and suglasses.
i also got to go on a double decker train, finally!
suprisingly you can take photos in this gallery, so here are some snapzzzz.
claus oldenberg room.
giacometti - dog.
jackson pollock.
i loved this one, the fridge and 7up bottles were 3d.
still life #30 - tom wesselmann.
mr andy warhol.
lichtenstein - drowning girl.
dali - persistance of memory.
frida kahlo.
the cheating husband, diego rivera.
brancusi - bird in space, and that birth one.
this was year 10 studio i believe, oh the memories.
tomorrow i am channeling blair waldorf, and roaming the upper east side and 5th avenue.
until then.
cheerio my dear friends!
pee ess. mum, i will put up a blog dedicated to izzy and bijou tomorrow but now it is bed time love you(and you too dad, as for kristina eh).

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