Tuesday, June 16, 2009

15th june.

so last night i was a teeny bopper all over again, and i went to see the jonas brothers.
it was fucking AMAZING.
i arrived at wembley to a mass line of screaming little girls, i got to my seat just as demi lovato started.
what a babe. i was seated in section b2 row 15, which was like probably 30 rows from the front or something.
so i decided when the jonas brothers came on to push through the security in the isles, and i got myself onto the bar.
joe ran past, and i touched him.
nick is such a cutie.
as if it wasn't incredible enough already, they started to cover mcfly's song and then all of a sudden.. MCFLY CAME ON STAGE!!!
it was fucking crazy like arrr, i nearly died.
they were filming it all for jimmy kimmel, so i am totally on tv.i then came home to ella, and ranted about how great it was.
it was just like the best night, i bought a t shirt and lauren zinna got a present but she won't find out what it is for a little while.
ahh i love being a teeny bopper, mm.
until next time
i'm slipping into the lava, and im trying to keep from going under...
bye babessss
ex oh
(ella says hi)

Monday, June 15, 2009

isle of wight.

hello hello,
so i am going to work backwards seeing as i put the photos on that way by accident.
i'm currently sitting at seb's chillaxin after the epic journey home at 3am.
so yesterday started with s.c.u.m, the singer is spiderwebb from the horrors little brother.
the drummer was a girl, and she was fucking incredible.
there was a bunch of young british bands playing, lots of very attractive boys i won't lie.
it was sooo hot i just sat inside the big top for shade.
the rumble trips were a highlight, the singer was just amazing.
the horrors, not as impressed as last time.
spiderwebb now plays bass, instead of synth and it is just weird he is not as crazy.
the horrors.
saturday was a great day, at the end of it i watched the end of razorlight.. SHOCKING.
i'm sorry they are just shit, and he is so gross jessica.
but this is for you jessica.
mcfly was so good! seb, pat and chris loved it the most.there was a crazy air show at one point.
my future husband, was fucking just arr sah sah good.
i just lurrrrrrrrrrrrrve him.
so before paolo we watched the view, and then to my suprise paolo walked on stage.
i actually could not breathe, hyperventilation and near tears.
beautiful, beautiful man.
so genereal festival vibes.
lots of families and older people, it's sweet.
and security is so much stricter!
you can bring alcohol to the campsite, but not into the stage area.
and when you go through security to walk into the main areana place, there is sniffer dogs!
it was crazy to me.
but yes i don't know what else to say.
it was a very nice weekend, despite leaving for a 3am ferry.
it makes me fear for my life at glastonbury, because it is like 10 times the size.
and i was overwhelmed by the size of isle eek.
now im going to have a shower because i have not had one for three days, yummy.
until next time,
adios friends

Thursday, June 11, 2009


so it has been a while but finally photos!
ella and rodrigo at shunt.
chep crates!
french cafe in soho.
greek st.
for kristina and co.
so this is where i left off, brick lane.
very cool street market, lots of clothes and good food.
i decided to go with mexican, such a great burrito.
that night we went to rodrigo's work for dinner.
tapas at a gastro pub, it was incredible.
buffalo mozarella with truffle oil, spanish cheese platters, artichokes, chorizo, curedmeats, dips, bread arr.
i'm in heaven just thinking about it.
this is the table when the food came.and the end of the meal.
oh so satisfying.
and then sitting outside i had my first skins like experience, but my parents read this so i can't go into details (don't worry parents it's not bad).i went to the british museum that monday, there was this crazy piece that compared the life of a man and a woman through all the medicine they had taken in their lifetime.
it went along like a timeline telling you their life story, and then there was yards of mesh which had every tablet they had ever taken in their lives.
for miriam.
streets of bloomsbury.bloomsbury gardens.. i think.
russel square, ellas palace.
our supermarket, our love.token.the national gallery.trafalgar square.
picadilly circus, what we thought was trafalgar square for about ten minutes.
"it looked a lot bigger when i was 8"our cute little place, the commercial tavern.
double decker bus.
my room, i don't miss not having privacy.the craziest store in soho, 5 stories of beautiful chandeliers and realted clutter.
on tuesday night we went to this fashion charity event where djs were ipod waring fashion designers.
we had to use fake names to get in, little hipster v.i.p london kids.
it was pretty funny.
dj's like crookers and mylo, i actually knew who they were which as strange.
anyways these girlcore people got the crowd pretty rowdy, possibly because of their mascots nasty camel toe and insane booty.
trying to get the guy in the wheelchair on stage, not the smartest idea.
this wasn't too interesting because we really have spent all our days just walking around and then going to shoreditch at night time and making some nice friends.
having a "bangin" time, i quite like it here.
right now i am at seb's and we head of to isle of wight tomorrow.
i have to wake up at like 6am, and it is now 11pm so i think it is bed time.
i will update again after the festival, with photos of paolo nutini and my wedding.
until then, miss you all babycakes