Tuesday, June 16, 2009

15th june.

so last night i was a teeny bopper all over again, and i went to see the jonas brothers.
it was fucking AMAZING.
i arrived at wembley to a mass line of screaming little girls, i got to my seat just as demi lovato started.
what a babe. i was seated in section b2 row 15, which was like probably 30 rows from the front or something.
so i decided when the jonas brothers came on to push through the security in the isles, and i got myself onto the bar.
joe ran past, and i touched him.
nick is such a cutie.
as if it wasn't incredible enough already, they started to cover mcfly's song and then all of a sudden.. MCFLY CAME ON STAGE!!!
it was fucking crazy like arrr, i nearly died.
they were filming it all for jimmy kimmel, so i am totally on tv.i then came home to ella, and ranted about how great it was.
it was just like the best night, i bought a t shirt and lauren zinna got a present but she won't find out what it is for a little while.
ahh i love being a teeny bopper, mm.
until next time
i'm slipping into the lava, and im trying to keep from going under...
bye babessss
ex oh
(ella says hi)

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