Monday, June 1, 2009

1st av.

yesterday we suprised my cousins with a broadway show of the little mermaid.
it was such a cute show, but the costumes and sets were just wow!
so amazing.
sebastian was my favourite, he was all jamaican and funny.
before that, i went into the city to do some last minute shopping.
take my advice, if you get to new york catch a subway to 1st av and walk around there are some truly amazing thrift stores.
(i bought a backpack mum, are you happy?)
this is why i had to run through the subways and streets of manhattan, because i got so consumed by the shops i forgot that i had to go to broadway.
but i got there just in time, i couldn't breathe but i made it!
after the show we walked through times square, and i took my final nyc tourist photos.little portrait.
i had such a good time in new york, i love this city.
thank you so so so much thea matorna and theo dimitri for having me, i will definately come back soon to visit (and maybe hunt for apartments in greenwich... i can dream).
it felt like my home away from home, so i guess the real adventures will start when ella and i journey to the generator in london.
which means, next time i update you, i will be in england.
in an internet cafe somewhere.
so until then.
au revoir!

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