Thursday, July 23, 2009


waddup yo,
as you can expect samos (and greece in general) just involves me going to the beach and eating too much food.
one day we went to this beach called dorissa bay, in pythagoriou.
it had this watersports thing and it was so so fun.
stella and i went on a jet ski together (she is a crazy driver).
and then andrew, daphne, stella and i went on this thing called the fly fish (see below).
it was on the back of a boat and it went up really high all vertical and such.
it was just heaps fun and you should go on it.

then one day daphne came and visited me in karlovasi and we went to hippies.
she liked the sunflowers.then we went to visit daphne in kokkari, i love it there its so cute and beautiful.

we go out sometimes. with cuzzzzzzzz.
and have watermelon shots, weee.the stray dog at potami i want to take home.christos stole my was my mothers birthday, the family went to agios costantino for dinner.
we forgot to buy candles so i went e on a walk to the mini market i saw, it was closed but a nice greek boy offered to take me to another one on his motorcycle.
i declined.
it was hot, theo stavro helped my father out.everyone, it was nice actually having family other than the 4 of us (no offense parents and sister).we walked to the waterfalls also, the water was freeeeeeeeeezing.
it got really deep and i wasn't ready for it ok.
the hectic stairway to the restaurant, we didn't climb it.
an old man told us he wrote a book about the nymphs that used to live at the waterfalls.
one of the many churches in the mountains.i then convinced everyone to walk up the very steep, rocky path to the old castle.
i climbed it.
inside the church.
that evening i took a walk with my parents and my aunty and uncle.
we walked up a mountain to this church.i saw this old derelict building which dad told me to read the sign on, it says "cafe bar".
i definately plan on raging there one night before i leave.that is the road to get to the first church, i don't think latisha (my car) would survive it.
the church.
karlovassi from a mountain.
the rents. and theo panayoti. we went for loukoumades and tiganites made by old greek ladies, ah-mazing.
my yiayia (grandma).
christos helped me make banana bread.then that afternoon i was lying outside on the balcony, and christos made me go "bloop bloop" with him.
i planned on attacking him with the hose, but he beat me to it and gave me a nice shower.
im sitting outside drinking a milko now, getting excited for bessy to come and see all of this in 2 weeks.
i probably won't update until then, because photos of me being out aren't too interesting i can assure you.
until then,
love you girlfriends.