Monday, July 6, 2009


the whole point of my trip was to get here, and it was so worth it!
5 days of just pure amazing-ness.
so we left our place at 8am, and only got to glastonbury at 6pm.
due to the 4 and a half hour wait at the train station, in the heat, for a shuttle bus.
when we got there we had issues trying to put up our tent, which didn't have any instructions, but i figured it out because i am so great with camping.
there were no bands for the first two days, so we went for a walk and sat up on the hill and looked over the whole festival.
it was incredible, so massive.
one stage area was probably the size of falls including camping.
on the thursday night we climbed this tower thing in the park (which is the area ella was working in, did i mention that she scored work the night before so she came and had mad rages with us)
lady gaga.
the person on the ground is jamie t, he had an epic fall off the stage.
pete doherty, pronounced dokerty.. strange.
i won't bore you with more ranting of my love for this beautiful man.
the pyramid stage.
our broken tent.
blur, i'm pretty sure the most part of 200000 people were there.
bon iver, gah incredible.
worst smelling toilets ever, it was beyond people being gross.
they just had this disgusting scent that lingered everywhere.
nafter 5 days of not showering, we packed up and left our broken tent for the journey home.
we got back and walked around london city for a few hours, getting the worst looks due to our smell.
we went to see my sisters keeper, so that nobody could see us.
we then picked up our stuff from my cousins and went to a hotel at the airport for the best shower i think i have ever had and a good nights sleep before flying out the next morning.
it was possibly the best 5 days ever, the atmosphere is just indescribeable.
i want to go back every year now, nothing will EVER compare.
i' m sure i could rant on for a lot longer, if you ask me to i will.
but for now, it was the greatest end to my time in england just wow.
i totally fulfilled my life goal at 18, well done me.
now for those of you who want to know, here is a list of people i saw:
  • bjorn again (well we woke up to the amazing abba cover band, and just listened from our tent which was in the best position might i add).
  • regina spektor (incredible voice)
  • the rakes
  • i sacraficed n*e*r*d and fleet floxes, to see paolo nutini in this small tent in the green fields, so worth it he is fucking mind blowing
  • lily allen, not as great as at splendour, she tries to dance all sexy and has like dance music inbetween songs, i prefer the old her (but she still sounded oh so good)
  • lady gaga (i saw all her woman parts, oh yeah)
  • jamie t, such mad rages despite his painful fall off the stage
  • animal collective
  • and on the way back to the tent we caught the last 3 songs of bloc party, who were suprisingly really good
  • jason mraz, his voice just like i didn't know how great he was (ella and i totally had a year 12 moment when he sung i'm yours)
  • the script
  • pete doherty, i got his set list tehe
  • paolo nutini, i just die when i see him
  • the wombats
  • the boss (springsteen)
  • bon iver, he actually brought me to tears his voice is like heaven
  • art brut
  • brand new
  • enter shikari
  • tom jones, he was great, or maybe it was the fat, drunk, british man stripping next to me
  • bat for lashes, marry me please?
  • cold war kids
  • and we ended the whole thing with blur, wow
and that is glastonbury for you!
i want everyone to come with me next year, it is so worth all the money!

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