Tuesday, July 7, 2009

the motherland.

how are we all?
so right now i am in samos, but we will get to that later.
i have been in greece for 2 weeks now, i had a reunion with my mother at heathrow before we flew out to athens for a night.
we went out for dinner, where i was suprised that cuz (mike) was in athens aswell.
i also saw my little cousin for the first time in 2 years, he is sooooooo cute my god!
we then went to santorini the next day with our friends dora, paul, teena and andrew.
it was so pretty, but af of after 4 hours of sunset over 2 days, it was enough.
i enjoyed escaping to our beautiful little resort :)the place where you watch the sunset.the sunset. girlfriends.token view from our restaurant.
i decided my new life mission, to start a dog shelter in greece.
there are so many stray dogs and it makes me so sad, i wanted to cry.
the australian bar in santorini.
the next day we went shopping, then we went on a boat cruise to watch the sunset (again).
it was a half an hour walk to the port, or a minute via cable car, but i opted to go down the 600 steps on a donkey :)
it was so fun and scary.
i named my female donkey pixie, she was a babe.
hectic thigh pain afterwards. our pirate ship.
we jumped off the boat and swam to some hot springs, my mum thought i wouldn't be able to do it but i showed her!
we stopped at this little town and ate dinner on the boat.
view from the bathroom window.
it was actually so surreal and beautiful.
our home for 3 days.
the crew and our mini van in crete.
it was so hectic getting there, worst experience of my life on this fast hydrofoil ferry thing.
my god, never again!
after a night of recovery in irakleon we road tripped for 3 hours to chania.
that night we went for dinner, where a gypsy boy abused me for not giving him money.`
church in the mountains.
disfunctional sort of family.
theo milto and thea lambi.
teena and i befriend all the animals we see, we named this goat billy.
the dog tied to the tree near billy didn't like it, seeing as he detached himself from the tree and ran at us.
war museum.
we found boyfriends at the museum.
i miss him dearly.

we befriended this stray dog, she was beautiful.
she followed us everywhere, i wish i could have taken her home.

when we left crete i nearly had a heart attack, the drummer and bassist (former keyboardist) from the horrors were at the airport.
seriously, who goes to crete.
anyways we eventually made it to samos after delayed flights, and rushing through airports where people are idiots and have no idea what is going on.
my little cousin christos is here for a month also, it is fun but the sing alongs get a bit crazy.
now i am here for the next month and a half, getting a tan and getting obese thanks to my yiayia's (grandmas) amazingly good cooking.
speaking of which, dinner is ready so i must be off!
fakies are calling me, mmmmm.
until next time,
ex oh

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