Monday, July 6, 2009

princess diana.

i know it has been a while, but internet was lacking until now!
i can't even remember where i left off, but pretty much daphne came to london on the 20th and we just did everything touristy you could possibly imagine so here goes with the photos.
st pauls cathedral.the globe.tower of london.tower bridge, i fulfilled my goal of visiting the sights in the parent eye.
big ben.
westminster abbey.
buckingham i pretended to break in, and then befriended the police man.
he said i was a naughty girl, and i tried to get him to handcuff me but then he made a good point, that if all the cameras saw it i would probably be mistaken for a real criminal.
daph-urrrr-knee. changing of the guard.
put it on the ritz.

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