Monday, August 17, 2009

samos 2.

hello again!
it has been a while i know, i am still in samos (i leave on sunday).
so since last time there has been much, i pretty much spent most of my time with americans who taught me how to drop it like its hot and play beer pong.
i lost my shoe in the ocean, and then found a new pair in kokkari with kiki.
ummm, i don't know what else.
i might have to steal cuz's summer love (danielle) away because she is amazing and i loveeeeeeee her.
and i love everyone and everything and yess.
ok then one day bess, came and we went and got cocktails.
sah yummy, i also really need a haircut.
bess joined the family.what a beautiful family.cuz (hear no evil), maritsa (see no evil), me (speak to evil), little cuz (evil).maritsa turned nine.
her candles would not blow out, they were in fact sparklers disguised as candles.we walked for one hour up a mountain.
this is the town of kokkari.we went out some more, this is garage.
possibly the smallest club i have ever seen.manoli and kiki.stellla and nolia.the epitafio, a greek church thing.we went to the waterfalls, and climed all of them.
it was a struggle for me.those four greek boys had to help me get down, his words of encouragement when i was screaming for my life were "you are cat woman, you can do it".
this was happening to an audience of 20 tourists, and bess' best cuzzzzz's.we went to turkey.this is ephasus. my mother showing her african roots, she is so nigz.does this remind you of 1998 kristina, with our beautiful matching purple rain coats and navy caps.temple of medusa.
these are toilets, a place for socialising.the library. second biggest stadium, first is the colliseum (history lessons).you want photo, you pay one euro.
biggest ships ever.i feel lost without these two, being bess and harry.after we took bessy to the airport we went to this monastry with a church in a is called spilliani, they hid all the icons and stuff in this cave when turkey tried to invade us.

so emily and amy arrive today, and stella leaves (tear).
the last 3 days here will involve intese tanning and getting crunk with the few of us that are left here.
there are more photos on facey, i just ceebs putting all the ones i stole on here.
next time you hear from me i will probably be in romania, i can't believe i have been away for nearly 4 months already!
miss you my best girlfriendssssssssssssssssssssssssss.
i think that is all, so until draculas castle, i say goodbye.

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