Tuesday, September 22, 2009


hello from holland,

yes it has been a while and i am now in amsterdam so i will give you a quick update of what happened before i got here.

i was in athens for a week, i went to the new museum.my cousin got even funnier this time round, and he didnt abuse me so much.actually quite scary.i went out with my aunty and uncle, theyrage harder than me.
fun times.theo stavro, thats his sober face.i wasmr tambourine man at thebouzoukia.i then went to glasow with cuz, this is his uni.
it looks like hogwarts. there were some amazing boys from bordeaux, they were heaps fun.the transport museum, channeling the wackness.i copied kevin.

old tram. my future ride. mikes future ride.kelvingrove art gallery and museum mona lisa smile. they had a nice nap. glasgows leaning tower of pisa.
my brother, i am snake eyes. otthman and cuz, we played soccer and i was actually ok. GoMa (gallery of modern art).
so glasgow was heaps fun and amazing and i loved it.
i have more glasgow stuff and edinburgh stuff but internet is a luxury so it will come in good time.
basically cuz and ali's flat was on the main street so it made life so easy (maybe a little too easy).
give it a few years and i will be there living with them.
until next time, adiosssss.

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