Thursday, October 1, 2009

amsterdam & munich.

from scotland i met bess, emily and amy in amsterdam.
they have these vending machines with burgers and other fast food in them, so gross but intriguing at the same time.
we went on the free walking tour one day.
representing legal prostitution.
the canals.
red light fashion (like in americas next top model, remember?)
i couldn't get a photo of a prostitute, because if you try they throw piss at you.
not cool.
where they used to perform the executions.
a little courtyard where religious folk reside.
brownies, enough said.
we got a canal bike and rode around the canals one afternoon, it was key cutie.
we had a sing along.
the houses all lean.
vondel park.
we hired bikes and rode around for the day, yes i can actually ride a bike (one up on jessica).
amsterdam was amazing, so much fun.
hanging around the hostel drinking wine and playing jenga.
watching people sit in the smoking room all day, looking very out of it.
frankfurt station, on the way to munich.
the english gardens, munich.
gingerbread hearts are everywhere!
our tent.
some of the frat boys.
igor, our host at the frat house :)
nicest german boy, i can't remember his name but he was cool.
we went on the walking tour here, we got to the first stop and th
en went home to bed.
Confucius statue, in gardens in munich?
we didn't get much sleep due to coming home to unbelievable loud music and a bunch of drunk german boys making lots of noise in their underwear.
exploring the frat house, it was actually the coolest thing ever!
their little hats.
we plan on creating a fraternity, even though it is only for boys.
more oktoberfest.
we went exploring tents and found ourselves a bunch of different tour groups whose tables we tagged along to.
there is this one song they play at least every 10 minutes, it is the german drinking song that you have to cheers to and say PROST (cheers in german) every time it comes on.
oktoberfest was so crazy, lots of drunk germans singing and dancing.
so much beer it is insane.
we learnt 2 things in german, prost (cheers) and ish libide (i love you), i said this to a man and he offered to marry me then and there.
it was tempting, but i just wasn't ready for that sort of commitment.
that is pretty much the deal for the past few weeks, after nuremberg bess and i are off to prague.
i shall update you soon-ish (maybe).
loveee youuu

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