Thursday, October 1, 2009


i am now in nuremberg, staying with my uncle where i have access to internet so i can update you on what i have been up to for the past few weeks.
continuing where i left off, i went to edinburgh for a night.
edinburgh castle.
i pretty much just walked the streets all day long, turning when i saw something beautiful, which was like every street.
i loved edinburgh, incredible.
deans village, a cute little place i stumbled across.
everywhere i looked i was reminded of jack the ripper, i felt like i was in from hell and johnny depp would jump out of a dark alley and rape me.
my second day i went on a trip to the highlands, the first stop was in queensferry where we saw the forth bridge i think it is called.
we then went to the hermitage in dunkeld, it was so peaceful and pretty.

the town of dunkeld.
i want this bin.
the cathedral.
cemetery in the cathedral.
town square.
i just sat staring at the river until we had to leave, it may have convinced me to move to a small town.
the sma'glen, part of the highlands.
i absoloutely LOVED edinburgh, especially thanks to the australian bar which filled my need for little creatures.

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