Sunday, November 8, 2009

bristol & paris.

hello from my bedroom,
yes i am back home now so this will be my second last update.
after amsterdam i went to bristol for a week and stayed with some friends, i had such a great time.
everyone there is amazing.
george had a pre-halloween party, it was fun (minus the burnign embers latching onto my hair).
this is abbie, we decorated the house and made up her homeless sign all by ourselves.
we are just really witty and smart, google definately did not need to help us.this is george, he let me stay on his couch and i made him bacon and eggs.dead sailor, otherwise known as adi.our incredible artwork.
george and abbie.this is will, he is the reason i went to bristol.
ella and i met him in a pub the first time i was in london, so i decided to go visit him.
more great artwork, abbie drew and i painted (hence the deformed leg of the werewolf)
feel the love. i went to bath for a last day in bristol i went to watch george get his tattoo, which looked giant and apparently was incredibly painful.pain face.we then went on a whirlwind tour of bristol, this is the gorge it was made by 2 giants.
tourists?the suspension bridge. i decided that i didn't want to spend any more time in london, so i jumped on a bus to paris for 4 market.oh the cheese! the bridge, THE bridge.
yes, big told carrie she was the one.
right here, i died a little on the inside when i was told.the louvre, partially.anne hathway threw her phone in this at the end of the devil wears prada.
champ d'elysees.the louvre is just so massive, like it's just unbelievable.there she is, the mona lisa.
my friend keaton (who i met in bruges, from canada) was in paris but he had no phone so we planned to meet here at 1pm.the sphinx.sculpture garden.view from the louvre window.napolean III's dining room, in his apartment, that he built, in the louvre.
can i just reiterate how massive this place is.
i was told that if it were open 24 hourse, and you looked at every artwork for 30 seconds, without one single break.
it would take a whole 12 days non-stop to see everything.
arc du triumph.view from the arc du triumph.
there she is.keaton and i then climbed the eiffel tower, it was fa-reezing.
but so beautiful.then we went for dinner, fondue and nice red wine.
i left so unbelievably satisfied, with a much lighter wallet, but it was so worth it.i found "le souvlaki" quite comical.a bit dissapointing, i won't lie.sacre coeur.i sat in a cafe alone, to eat tarte tartin.
tasty.i ate so much in france, so unhealthy.
but who can resist crepes every morning.this is greg, i stayed with him in paris.
he took me for an amazing meal one morning.
we had eggs benedict, and then the ultimate food.CREME BRULEE!.my street in st germain, paris. i went to the cemetery in paris, where there are some cool famous people lying around.
oscar wilde's grave.edith piaf.i know it is weird to go to a cemetery as a tourist attraction, but it was such a cool and interesting cemetery to visit.jim morrison, he was surrounded by a barrier.chopin.charlie chaplin.salad, baguettes, cheese and red wine.
my life for 4 was morgans birthday the morning i left, so on friday night i got him a little cake and a bottle of red wine that we drank whilst watching the aviator.
i had a lovely time in paris, i am so glad i decided to throw it on the end of my trip.
it is such a picturesque place, and the food, and the people.
but mostly the food, i splurged quite a bit on cheese and desserts but i wouldn't have it any other way!
my trip was so incredible and i can't believe i'm already home!
only one last blog left, once i develop my disposable cameras and scan them.
i will update you for the very last time.
until then, see you around melbourne.
ex oh
ex oh
gossip girl.

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  1. zomg oscar wilde's grave.

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