Monday, November 16, 2009

party cams.

hello for the last time,
i got all my disposable cameras from the past 6 months developed and they make up the final instalment to my holiday blog so here they are.
food, isle of wight.the bus ride, glastonbury.sunset, glastonbury.tipi field, glastonbury.
mud & rain, glastonbury.last night of glastonbury.had to throw some paolo in there, isle of wight.
dunkeld, scotland.the hermitage, scotland.bess in vondel park, amsterdam.canal bike, amsterdam.bess in hospital, berlin.
bruges.the belfry in the distance, bruges.will, bristol.halloween decorations at georges (note the naked woman carved into the pumpkin), bristol.
so thats it.
it's just me and my photos now.
until next time (which will be next year all going well)

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