Monday, July 4, 2011

Bon Soir.

La Duree- Paris

Hello friends,
right now I'm sitting at my hostel in Zagreb trying to figure out how to work this keyboard that has all its buttons confused. However I will push through in order to give you my stories.
So my last 2 days in Paris were spent completing my food missions, sadly i did not end up trying Raclette but I had many other tasty treats I am ok with it.
As I am a pro chocolate souffle maker I had to try one in its motherland, so I went to a famous souffle restaurant in Paris called Le Souffle. My chocolate souffle arrived at the table looking enourmous and fluffy, then the waiter poked it with a fork and poured in beautifuly rich dark chocolate sauce.

Needless to say it was better than mine (although I still think I do a pretty good job) and as you can see I scraped the ramekin clean. Success

That night I met Diane at her Boyfriend Alexs house and we sat on his rooftop drinking wine, soaking up the last of the sunshine.
It was an incredible view, the Eiffel Tower on one side and St Sulpice with Notre Dame in the background with the setting sun.
*these are probably the only photos of myself that will feature on here, sorry boys.

After the sun went down I cooked spaghetti cabonara for everyone, adding zucchinis for a different touch.
My experimental dish turned out great, and I felt super european eating dinner at 11:30pm followed by some good quality whisky.
Alex, Diane and Julia.
On my last night in Paris I went to dinner with Diane and then sent her off to study for her finals and I went for a walk along the river to the Champs de Elysse to go to a patisserie shop called La Duree.
This looks really creepy, but there was the cutest baby and the whole time she was looking at me and we were playing peek a boo. She loved me. So i tried to take a sneaky photo of her, and this is what I ended up with. French kids are the bomb, so cute.

Now to the important part, I sat down at La Duree with Dianes reccomendation to get the Ispahan but I saw on the menu the Harmonie which was a pistacio macaroon with raspberries, strawberries and pistachio cream but sadly as I was there right before close they had run out of the pistachio stuff. So I went with Dianes suggestion, and I am so glad I didThe Ispahan: Rosewater macroon filled with rosewater cream, lychees and raspberries.
WARNING- little bit of food porn ahead, this was like a scene out of Chocolat or Simply Irresistable, for reals this needed to be filmed.

Seductive, low kew french jazz played in the background as the french woman presented me with my pastry. I sat for a bit in awe of its beauty, and then slowly slid my knife through the centre of the dish. Revealing the soft, creamy centre I prepared for my first bite. As my lips first touched the ispahan I could not help but close my eyes and get lost in the taste. I dont know if it was actually the case, but I swear I was eating in slow motion.
Despite all of the incredible food experiences I have had in my life, this was the first time where I actually got completely lost in the food. The music, the city, the scenery just all of it made it this weird sensual, taste sensation. If this were a scene in a film I probably would have burst out into tears due to all the emotions this one pastry made me feel. God I love food!

Perfect way to end my time in Paris.

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