Friday, July 22, 2011

The Plomin.

This begins one of the best weeks EVER!
After a 7 hour bus ride from the national park (which was only 233kms away) I had 2 nights in Split, where I met up with Bess and Grace. On the first night I was there alone and I met 2 girls from Melbourne, Eliza and Jess (who ended up being on our boat) and we just happened to stumble across traditional croatian dancers (photos at bottom for some strange reason) on our wander through the port.

We went on an adventure to the forbes number 1 rated beach in europe, it took longer than expected as most things do in croatia.
The bus didnt go down to the beach so we had to hitch hike, a kind man picked us up and gave us a little tour of the markaska riviera.

That rock with trees on it is meant to be the main attraction.

We had a super cute little apartment, this is the view.

Prince William and Kate ice cream flavour.

Market morning before we boarded our home for the next 7 nights.
I had the most pimpin' single room on the boat, peeps were so jealous of it.

7 days of chilling on top of a boat, and just jumping into the adriatic whenever we felt like it, not bad i'd say.

The legend itself, PLOMIN!

Police car?

The guy with the walking stick is the Mayor of this town ( I cant remember what its called)

To get into the blue caves we had to duck because the entry is tiny, it was so scary.

The boat guys guided the boats with sticks, hitting them against walls to move the boat.

Ghetto in the ocean.
We had an anything but clothes party on the roof of our boat one night.

We had tea light candles and everything. This was the night the Plomin chant, dance and song were created.

Legend has it that if you jump on this, take your top off, and spin around you will return to dubrovnik and marry a croatian lady.

They all failed.

Pharmacy babes outside the oldest pharmacy.

More failing.

So I was really unsure about doing a tour, but it turned out to be one of the best things I have ever done. We had the most incredible group (PLO WHAT! PLO MIN!) The best tour guide on the face of the earth, who put helmets on our heads and got us hit on the head with glasses then made us shot them; who jumped into 1m of water with all his clothes on and abused the other boats when we stole their lilos, Mate you made it. I recommend that all of you (between 18 and 35) do busabout sail croatia! IT IS THE BEST EVER!
Next to come is the rest of Dubrovnik, which is ridiculously beautiful and then a million photos of my new baby cousin Tiffany.
Right now I'm back in Samos, chillin' with my grandma and the little cuz.
I'll try and get down here again soon to post the rest, until then stay safe buds.

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