Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Samos is so quiet this year, it's pretty sad seeing everything so empty. However this has not stopped us from getting up to our usual antics, which involves too much tequila, mojitos and ripping down communist party propoganda.
I am attempting to get a tan in my last few days, but it is hard when you tend to sleep in till 4pm.
Off to Turkey in 3 days, hopefully when I get home I will be tan like snookie and all you bitchez will be jealous.
Big Love x

Sunset at Hippys.

Eleni & Felix.

Chris & Rebecca.

This is Fredo.

Mike working hard.

This is felix.

Peter after a hard day in the kitchen.

This is Frida.

Theofania aka Tiffany.

Christos & Dora ballin'.

The only photo Christos let me take of him.

My yiayia.

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