Friday, July 1, 2011

Tartare de Bœuf.

I know this is two posts very close together but it had to be done.
This one is in order of importance, not when things happened.
So today I decided I was going to cross something off my food list, Tartare de Bœuf, which is Beef Tartare or in other words, raw beef.
I have always wanted to try it but was never game enough, so i built up the courage and caught the metro to St Germaine and sat down at a packed cafe on the main strip.
The waiter came over and I ordered beef tartare and a glass of red wine, he gave me a funny look and kept saying something which took me a while to understand. I then realised he was trying to tell me it was raw, stupid sexist man thinking I couldn't handle raw meat pshhh.
The old man sitting next to me got his at the same time so we clinked glasses and go to eating. I was pretty nervous taking the first bite, but i was pleasantly suprised. Tartare is so yummy!
After I finished all of my delicious food the oldman started talking to me in very bad english. He told me about his life between Paris and Corsica, and told me where I should go and get myself lost in the beautiful parisian streets. When we both decided to leave he handed me the chocolate he got with his coffee with the name of the cafe on it as a souvenir.
I took the mans advice and wandered the streets for a few hours, I ended up seeing the eiffel tower in the distance so just walked in that direction because I knew it would eventually get me back to Dianes. I think it happened this way because after my amazing dining experience the universe just wanted me to get back here so I could tell you all about it.

On my adventure I think I found the ugliest buliding in Paris and I just thought i'd share it with you (above).
I also decided I want a houseboat so I can chill out on the river and work on my tan. Another realisation I had is that if Melbourne looked like Paris and the Champs de Mars was our local park then we probably wouldn't be so trashy and seedy.

Seeing as this post is full of new things and ideas I will let you in on my new career path; after going to a bar in a beautiful parisian park last night I decided thats what Melbourne is missing. A super cool bar situated in a nice place, that serves its own wines and has a little 'snack bar' that consists of incredible cheeses, cold meats and various patés and tapenades. This is the little bit of Paris that I plan on bringing back to Melbourne, i mean who wouldn't want to be able to get good quality drunken food from inside the as opposed to walking across the street to dero hungry jacks! But my bar won't have idiots in it that think i'm lady gaga thats for sure.

That is all for now, au revoir!

Fun Fact: There are more dogs in Paris then there are children.

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