Friday, July 22, 2011


This seems like such a long time ago that I may struggle to remember what the photos are, but i'll try my best.

Jewlerry shop named after me, wooh.
Dolac Market.

Some weird pastry that I got without knowing what it was, turned out to be filled with nuts and it was real tasty.

Just parked in the middle of the road, no big.

I could never forget this, I was standing at the door looking in because I noticed this sign and I was unfortunately not fully clothed. However some old lady decided to hit me on the shoulder and point at the sign aggressively just in-case I didn't realise.

Our traditional croatian grill, so tasty!
I was super intrigued by this thing they called a 'bear paw' (the bun with the sausages sticking out)
From what people had told me I didnt expect much from Zagreb, but it was really beautiful.
Except for the freak rain storm which left me running through the streets with a drenched white top and a black bra under it, that was my parting gift to the city that was so kind to me.

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