Friday, May 22, 2009

new york, so far.

After forgetting my camera cord and having to get mum to mail it to me (i was bound to forget something ok!), I have only just got my photos off the camera.So after my 20 hours of flying and running around airports, i arrived in new york. I spent the first week adjusting to the time difference and having family time, except for one day where i went into times square. I have never been attacked by so many flyers before, or offers to spend time together.

m&m wall.
m&m store.naked cowboy.
toys r us ferris wheel.
georgia's dance rehersal.
The next monday I planned to go into greenwich village, waiting for the subway I met an australian and a french girl.
I have been hanging out with them since, I don't feel as lame having tourist friends with me when I take photos of silly things.
On monday we walked so so much, we started of at greenwich village then we went through little italy and china town to soho and to the manhattan bridge and then back to soho for some dinner.
Greenwich is ah-mazing, i want to live there one day and it had the best vintage store by the name of zachary smiles.
Also, I had my first celebrity sighting. Tyson Beckford standing at an atm, mmm.
this one is for lauren zinna.
new york has some great street signs.
gay liberation statue, christophers park, greenwich village.
token taxi photo.
the manhattan bridge, caitlin and marie.
my house, one day.
streets of soho.
That night we went to the empire state building, it was ah-mazing.
Just so beautiful, and cold.

the chrysler building.the man on the audio tour taught me the meaning of life, i felt spiritually enlightened afterwards.
On Tuesday we went to the Guggenheim, we walked through central park to get there.
It is so pretty and large, so much green.
On the way back through central park, the great lawn was packed with upper east side kiddies who had just finished school.
It was a pretty entertaining sight.
the great lawn.upper east side.
solomon r. guggenheim museum.
more central park.
jacqueline kennedy onassis reservoir.i just had to, now all i need is some boots with the fur.

On Wednesday I went to grand central station, then i took a subway downtown to the Brooklyn Bridge.
I am actually good with subways now, and I can read a map!
Well done stefanie.
Yes, it is a train station. The "dining concourse" aka food court is massive and so good.
I had the best chilli and corn bread for dinner, and then some blueberry pie from the little pie company.
It even has like boutique and designer stores, inside the train station.
crazy crazy.williamsburg bridge.
After the Brooklyn Bridge, we went to the financial district and wall st.

mr. washington.

We had also got half price tickets to see HAIR on broadway, it was incredible. Different to any musical I have ever seen, they cast interacted with the audience so much and they all got naked.
AND in let the sunshine in, the last song, they came up and were getting people onto the stage so Caitlin and I were on a broadway stage dancing around with the cast.
Arr it was so good, but by the end of it my legs were about to collapse after 3 days of intense walking.

On Thursday we went back to central park to see Belvedere Castle, Bethesda Fountain and Strawberry Fields.
central park from the top of belvedere castle.
bethesda fountain.
I ate two new york pizza slices, I was very full afterwards.
The Shins, wow.
But I have never craved a pot of carlton draught more in my life.
Ok so it is now 4:30pm on friday, and today I stayed home seeing as my legs would probably break if I walked anymore.
And I am so so tired, but the trip so far has been great.
(Thea Matrona you are the coolest aunt ever, don't worry)
Oh, and i forgot to mention that I am in love with the lonely planet guide, I live by it now.
Until next time, I miss you all!

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