Thursday, June 30, 2011


Before I get to the Paris stuff here is some pictures of George's super cute bunnies in Bristol; Florence & Brian.

I'm writing this while lying on the grass in front of the Tour Eiffel (for all you uncultured people thqts the Eiffel Tower in french)
As I looked for the perfect spot to park myself I hqd to toss up what was worse; a man calling me lady gaga while trying to sell me eiffel tower figurines, a fat french girl (i know, shock me) straddling her boyfriend and showing the world her g-string or a big asian tour group.

Before I got to this point I did some other stuff which I will now get too; I arrived in Paris on Tuesday night (3 hours later then planned) still recovering from the epicness that was Glastonbury so Dianou & I just went for a quiet drink.

I ventured out to the Marais (the Jewish part of Paris) on Wednesday to look at some vintage shops and also sample the world famous falafels. ^side note, I just noticed the guy sitting next to me trying to catch his pet bird and kiss it^
I read about L'AS DU FALAFFEL on lots of blogs so I decided to try this one over all the other places claiming they had the best falafel in the world.

The Verdict:
First off, I have never seen someone stuff pita bread so fast, genuine pros. There was a good amount of all ingredients, even some fried eggplant which was an interesting addition. The falafels were super tasty, and they did use lots of sauce but problem was the sauce had too much tahini and lacked the necessary acidic hit from the yoghurt to balance out the flavours. Good falafel, but not the best. 7/10

After a long stroll through the streets of Paris I went to meet up wth Diane after work so we could go to her friends apartment. This apartment was ridic, gold embelishments on white walls with a big mountain dog just chillin' on the balcony like it's nobodys business. We then went off to this really cool venue in the middle of nowhere to see Nicolas Jaar. I'm not the biggest minimal/electro fan, so I may have fallen asleep during main event. My bad!

I woke up this morning and went to meet Diane on her lunch break. She works on the street where the president and his nakey model wife live so it was no suprise that walking into a typical lunch bar it was full of men in suits drinking expensive wine and eating steak tartare (which I must try). This was not bad, because rich old men are genorous and sent some nice white wine over to Diane & I to enjoy with our cheese & eggs.

Then I got to the point that I am now, sitting in the sunshine looking at the Eiffel Tower. I wrote this down on paper and now I'm back at Dianes getting ready to go meet her for after work drinks. As I left the park I got the Lady Gaga man again telling me how much he loves me and just wants a minute with his love. European men are so charming!

For the next 4 days i'm going to become a smoker in order to get the full parisian experience, as well as sampling all the foods on my list such as; cheese, raclette, fondue, soufflé and more cheese.
Until next time,
Gros Bisous x

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