Tuesday, June 21, 2011

I'm Back!

Oh hai friends, I'm back overseas and this time I did not forget my camera cord so I can get back on here and tell you all about my travels (although I don't have many photos, they are yet to be developed)

So I'm sure most of you saw my rants on facebook about customs being abosloute cunts (sorry mum) and detaining me, then telling me i can't go to Glastonbury. I showed them though, I got in and I'm going to shake my booty with ma gurl Beyonce in 5 days eep!

After those few hours stuck at the airport starving and dehydrated I finally made it to the lovely people's house where I was staying.

I spent a few nights in London with them, where I got over my slight jet lag and the night before I was due to come to Bristol decided to make the most of free drinks at some super hipster exhibition, which some of you would be very proud of me because I was not my usual free drinks self (no tears, and I came out with complete memory of the night WIN)

Sam & Laura

I then made it to Bristol where we celebrated George's birthday, and had a walk around my favourite place in the UK; ASDA (it's an amazing supermarket for those who don't know)

From there I returned to London where I met up with ma homegirl Laura, and we had a traditional sunday roast, tried my first yorkshire pudding and all. We then went to a Diafrix gig with my friend Steph 2 (Laura named me twilight (apparantly i have crazy vampire eyes) so we would know which stef she was talking too) and then we went bar hopping. This night also led to me almost getting defeated by food, but i persevered and after 2 hours got through it (photo to come)

I would sit here and tell you about all the hilarious things that happened (like Laura and Sam taking out the sound system while attempting to swing dance, or Laura and I completely embarrasing ourselves in front of two really attractive young men because we thought we were ashlee simpson) but i'd be here for ever.

Tomorrow we are off to Glastonbury, so it will be 5 days of mud, no showers and incredible music.

Until then, stay safe peeps x

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