Saturday, October 17, 2009

germany ft. prague.

so after munich i went up to nuremberg to stay with my uncle dino, his aparment was on the cutest little coblestoned street right under the castle.
our first night we went out for some drinks and food, i tried to be healthy after my bad dieting in munich so i opted for a vegie burger.
not what i was expecting (see below), but so tasty.
what a contrast.the fountain, you turn a little ring and make wish.
"it's market day in cortona", well in nuremberg.

ze castle.
we took a drive to bamburg, one of the few towns that did not get bombed and destroyed in the is a highly religious town.the rose garden.
"little venice".
we walked around the flea market for a few hours, so much cool old junk.
including porcelain dolls from 1915, costing 3500 euros.
we left nuremberg for prague, the train was hecticly packed so we got to sit on the floor for 4 hours.
lucky us.
old town square.
the castle.
charles bridge.
we went on a pub crawl with lots of free shots.
and free shisha, i worked on my snoop dogg.
such a beautiful city.
view from the castle.we went on the pub crawl a second time, it was meant to be 10 euros but he let me in for 3 because that is all i had left.
i must have looked really needy that day, the lady at the supermarket also let me off when i was one cent short of buying myself breakfast.
and then the internet cafe also let us have 5 cents off because we had no more money left.
german on the right had a crush on bess.
could i be more beautiful, honestly.
we made friends with some boys from new castle in our room, they were pretty cool.
we then went to berlin, our first night was horrible.
we get to the hostel and realised we booked starting from the next night, after walking around in circles for 2 hours trying to find our hostel (which is a 2 minute walk from the station we arrived at).
we nearly resorted to going and sleeping at the station, but then we begged them to let us sleep on the couches.
we went on a street art tour.
a little cafe/bar that reminded me of st j's.
berlin is just like melbourne, seriously.
artist squat house.
50 faces gallery.
biggest indoor skate park in europe, in a bombed out train station.bombed out train station.
brandenburg gate.
jewish victims of the holocaust memorial.
the berlin wall, all of berlins historical landmarks were a bit underwhelming.
i won't lie.
checkpoint charlie.we went to some reggae party, that served jerk chicken and had a large bon fire out the back.
so warm.the east side gallery, a section of the berlin wall all covered in street art.
you all know this already, but bessy and i got tattoos.
(sorry parents).
we went to saxenhausen concentration camp.where they entered the camp.
i thought i would get a weird feeling, but it just didn't seem real.
i just couldn't imagine that so much bad shit went down here, it felt just like they had built a model of something.
sleeping barracks.
prison cell.
soviet camp.
execution trench.
memorial 2.
crematorium, people were actually killed in here.
a bit eerie.
so after berlin bess and i separated, she went off to peru and i went to belgium.
germany and prague were amazing places, i had so much fun.
i shall update you on my time in belgium v. shortly (once i post this actually).
only a month left, arr.

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