Sunday, October 18, 2009

in bruges.

hello hello,
so now i am back in the uk, which does not excite me too much right now.
i just came back from amsterdam (again) and i genuinely did not want to leave last night.
such an addictive place to stay, mmm.
anyways point of this is bruges.
the belfry.
so apart from roaming around all day living off amazing waffles, chocolate and beer one day i rode a bicycle to the dutch border.
36km to be exact!it was such a beautiful ride, belgian countryside.
trees, cows, sheep, canals.
it is the closest i have come so far to fulfilling my dream of cycling through the austrian countryside singing songs from the sound of music.sluis, holland.
proof that i made it (because i knew you wouldn't believe me, i don't believe i made it either).
i felt super fit and healthy after, yeahhhh.

bruges was a very pretty little town, it also provided me with some drama.
i got abused by a belgian girl out one night because she thought i was trying to steal her boyfriend, who was actually her ex.
anyways, it was truly hi-larious.
after this i went to amsterdam, i took no photos so expect no blogging on this because i really did nothing worth telling you about.
now i'm back in the uk for the next 3 weeks, but we shall see if i last here that long.
probably won't have anything worth telling you until i get home.
so until then, cheerio.

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