Sunday, June 7, 2009


hello hello,
it has been a while i know.
this won't have any photos because i have been really slack (sorry).
so i have been in london for 5 days now, and it is great.
on the first day the weather was amazing, so sunny and beautiful.
we went into camden for a few beers, walking through the lock you are bombarded by food stalls "darling, 3 pound you mix anything you like, fried chicken try try".
i won't lie, we have milked the free samples a fair bit.
on our way home we walked past a gallery where ella noticed a tall black man in a jockstrap and socks, so we went inside for some free alcohol and a squiz at his amazingly good ass (sorry parents).
the exhibition was of screen printed toast and decorated jockstraps, my favourite was "technical support" a black jockstrap with a little screen at the top flashing data stuff.
oh and the fisting one, made from red bandanna with rubber gloves, amyl and nail clippers.
the next night we went to this club called shunt, it was an ex world war two bunker.
it was just massive, and so so cool.
in all the little alcoves they had different installations, nothing like it in melbourne.
the next morning we went to oxford street for some shopping, but ended up sitting in the cafe in top shop after about 15 minutes.
way too hectic in there after a night out.
that night i went for some dinner and mojitos, apparently kate moss was down the road (WOWZ).
then we hung out at the hostel, met some cool people.
the swedish/norwegian guys that were singing christina aguilera on the ukulele and talking about his "frostbites" were definately a highlight.
we went to a pub in shoreditch on friday night, some pretty cool looking people (but also some people that thought they were really cool, which gave it a sort of back in the day str33tparty vibe).
yesterday we bought some gourmet cheese and salami from our favourite place to eat, the supermarket.
it is incredible i will stop at that though because i have a tendancy to rave on about it for atleast 20 minutes.
there was also this little market going on outside it, so before we bought our food we walked around and sampled everything we possibly could.
then we went to camden markets, where ella and i did some incredible shopping (jealous kristina?).
it was a good day.
but we decided to stay home and crash early.
today we are heading to brick lane, which apparently is full of amazingly beautiful and well dressed people making it slightly intimidating.
now we are off,
i will have photos soon (hopefully)

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