Monday, June 1, 2009

liberty island.

on saturday we went to the statue of liberty.
the weather was so nice and sunny.
but i couldn't fully appreciate the day after the trauma my aunty and uncle inflicted on me!
they tricked me into believing that my aunty got sick on the train, and then took a photo of me when i realised they were lying.
cruel, cruel people!that is the original torch.
we are so mature.
view from the pedastool.
you have to get a special pass to go inside, but even then since september 11 you can only go to the top of the pedastool.
except on july 4th, they allow 240 people to the crown.
georgia and maritsa.
for hooty: replicating year 9 camp.
ellis island registry hall.
this is where all the immigrants used to pass audio tour buddy.
i must say i got hooked on audio tours while being in new york, they are so interesting.
so when the ferry docked in new york, it was rocking like crazy.
we were all holding onto walls and chairs, or anything else we could find so that we didn't fall out of a window.
my head was still spinning when i went to bed that night.
or that could have been because of the mad rush to the shops thea matrona and i did.
we went to wal mart to buy me gumboots.
and then to the mall quickly to get a new bag to replace my ripped up mimco one (but i will still use it because i do love it).
i felt all special because i bought a coach bag (thea matrona is converting me, swarovski will be next).
it was 40% off though thanks to my aunty.
we literally ran around the mall and did the shopping in 10 minutes, lots of steps on the pedometer.
and then back home for a 10pm dinner.
it was a beautiful day.

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