Monday, June 15, 2009

isle of wight.

hello hello,
so i am going to work backwards seeing as i put the photos on that way by accident.
i'm currently sitting at seb's chillaxin after the epic journey home at 3am.
so yesterday started with s.c.u.m, the singer is spiderwebb from the horrors little brother.
the drummer was a girl, and she was fucking incredible.
there was a bunch of young british bands playing, lots of very attractive boys i won't lie.
it was sooo hot i just sat inside the big top for shade.
the rumble trips were a highlight, the singer was just amazing.
the horrors, not as impressed as last time.
spiderwebb now plays bass, instead of synth and it is just weird he is not as crazy.
the horrors.
saturday was a great day, at the end of it i watched the end of razorlight.. SHOCKING.
i'm sorry they are just shit, and he is so gross jessica.
but this is for you jessica.
mcfly was so good! seb, pat and chris loved it the most.there was a crazy air show at one point.
my future husband, was fucking just arr sah sah good.
i just lurrrrrrrrrrrrrve him.
so before paolo we watched the view, and then to my suprise paolo walked on stage.
i actually could not breathe, hyperventilation and near tears.
beautiful, beautiful man.
so genereal festival vibes.
lots of families and older people, it's sweet.
and security is so much stricter!
you can bring alcohol to the campsite, but not into the stage area.
and when you go through security to walk into the main areana place, there is sniffer dogs!
it was crazy to me.
but yes i don't know what else to say.
it was a very nice weekend, despite leaving for a 3am ferry.
it makes me fear for my life at glastonbury, because it is like 10 times the size.
and i was overwhelmed by the size of isle eek.
now im going to have a shower because i have not had one for three days, yummy.
until next time,
adios friends

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